Otoplasty (ears detached) & Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas by Beauty Natural Pro.

Purpose of the intervention of the otoplastie (ears detached). Also, check out here for a rhinoplasty las vegas, and rhinoplasty Henderson if you are looking for a nose reshaping surgery.

Otoplasty is an aesthetic facial surgery that aims to reshape the ear flap. A medical examination is necessary in order to provide the indication and the appropriate surgical technique. The examination also allows the analysis of the cartilaginous springs, the quality of the cutaneous integument, the global or limited nature of the detachment and possible asymmetries between the two ears of the same patient.

Three schematic varieties of ears are distinguished:

    An abnormality of the outer ear-canal junction which detaches a block with normal reliefs
    An enlarged conch (hollow part of the pavilion)
    A lack of plication of the anthélix (peripheral part of the ear)

The desire for an otoplasty (surgery of the ears detached) generally occurs in the young child prey to the taunts of his comrades. More than the desire of the parents, it is the demand of the child that constitutes the indication of choice. Given the growth of the flag, the minimum age for intervention is around 7 years. Whatever the age, the intervention is sometimes challenged in subjects whose emotional instability or unrealistic desires will make eternal dissatisfied.
A history of acute otitis media is not a contraindication.
A photographic record and a correction project are systematic. The retouched photos, as well as the morphing on a digital image give only an approximation of the result. They do not guarantee that the reality will be exactly the same.
The intervention is taken over by the Social Security, except for exceedances of fees.

Implementation of the intervention

The preoperative assessment includes a biological check-up and a consultation with the anesthesiologist to detect possible contraindications when a general anesthesia is programmed. The anesthesia may be of the local anesthetic type, possibly "potentiated", it is the mode most used in adults, or a general anesthesia, almost systematic in children.
It is the competence of the doctor anesthesiologist-resuscitator, who you will see in consultation prior to the intervention, to answer your questions relating to his specialty. An antiseptic shampoo is made the day before, as well as a careful cleaning of the auricular convolutions.
Nearly all surgeons practice their incision on the posterior surface of the pavilion, near the posterior atrial fold, which makes it possible to completely conceal the scar.
The exposure of the different structures of the ear (cartilages, muscles, skin) allows depending on the deformation in question to remodel the ear detached. Different techniques involve various methods of cartilaginous suture, with or without embrittlement or resection. The cutaneous suture is made in one or two planes, without tension, by a suture or separate points. A dressing molded on the different reliefs of the ear and covered with a band is put in place.